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Who We Are

Welcome to Naira Lady, “Celebrating The Distinguished Nigerian Ladies“, synonymous with authority, is brought to you by our experts. With its exquisite and most meticulous stories, it offers unique and relevant content for all our readers. NairaLady is not just a ladies’ magazine. Also, it features more, with a special touch and, above all, it’s a publication that speaks to the heart. NairaLady magazine celebrates the good life for the modern Nigerian Ladies of all ages. Discover why they are exceptionally good at or proficient in what they do, how and why they easily stand out from the crowd.

Our Vision

While there are hundreds of thousands of the distinguished Nigerian ladies within Nigeria and globally, we guarantee many of you will struggle to name or think of more than 10 names. The Question: Where are the distinguished Nigerian women with the potentials to: Dream big, Achieve great things, and positively shape Nigeria’s future? How many of these women can you name? The Answer: Documenting and highlighting the distinguished Nigerian ladies and changing the negative perceptions about the Nigerian ladies and their contributions to the Nigeria society and the world are NairaLady’s core visions. At Naira Lady, we feature and promote the great talents, works and positive impacts of the Nigerian Ladies within and outside Nigeria.

Our Mission

  • To highlight and promote the distinguished Nigerian Ladies of all ages who have contributed and made their mark in Nigeria and/or globally including but not limited to their career, positive contributions to people and society, family and more.
  • To feature help topics and offering solutions in promoting avenues for the distinguished Nigerian Ladies to enhance their career, lives, families and more.
  • To publish a Nigerian magazine for Nigerians and non-Nigerians with genuine interest and passion at hearts to discover the known, famous or unspoken and undiscovered Nigerian ladies who have contributed in promoting Nigeria in their various capacities.
  • To create an enlightenment forum where the real picture of Nigerian Ladies would be presented to Nigerians and the rest of the world.
  • To connect Nigerians and non-Nigerians to discover, appreciate and learn from the real Nigerian Ladies on their accomplishments and how they achieved these. Read their biographies. Discover why they stand out from the crowd. NairaLady is where intelligence, movers and shakers, and elegance meet.

NairaLady Topics and Categories

NairaLady’s magazine and website, always innovative, inspiring and challenging, is the authoritative voice in providing a comprehensive guide and the most dynamic, diverse and cutting-edge latest in Nigerian news and trends shaping the modern Distinguished Nigerian Ladies. A title with the authority that serves as a benchmark of the following topics and categories: Biography, Business, Entertainment, Fashion & Style, Lifestyle, Politics And Culture, Sports, Videos and discover more NairaLady news.

NairaLady Target Reader Groups

Our aim is to focus on intelligent readers including Nigerian and non-Nigerian ladies and men with the passion to discover the distinguished Nigerian Ladies who have made their mark in their various fields of endeavours.

Reaching Our Nigeria and Global Readership

NairaLady’s global standards of Nigerian Ladies news appear across print, NairaLady.com website, social media, social through the app, reaching an audience of highly informed Nigerians and non-Nigerians of all categories. Naira Lady is recognized and highly regarded by the industry for its quality content on Awards, Biography, Business, Entertainment, Fashion & Style, Lifestyle, Politics and Culture, Sports, and more, leading our readers to the Nigerian Ladies next big thing.

NairaLady Codes of Conduct

At NairaLady:
  • We strive to do business in a lawful and ethical way including honesty, fairness and excellence in all we do.
  • We aim to promote respect and equality.
  • Accolades are given only on the basis of genuine efforts and contributions.
  • Working in a lawful and ethical environment.


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