Omobola Johnson Biography and Profile

Dr Omobola Johnson appointed as the a member of the World Wide Web Foundation Board of Directors. Omobola has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester; a Master’s degree in Digital Electronics from King’s College, London and a Doctorate in Business Administration from the School of Management, Cranfield University.Find out more

Ebele the Flutist, Ebele Ezeamakam

My name is Ebele Ezeamakam, fondly called Ebele the Flutist. I’m from Anambra State and the second child in a family of six. I would describe myself as a very reserved person, growing up. But I did interact with people I knew. As an adult, I like to see myself as extroverted but with purpose. Read Ebele Ezeamakam Biography and Profile.Find out more