Ebele the Flutist, Ebele Ezeamakam

Ebele Ezeamakam, fondly called ‘Ebele the Flutist’, is a versatile, creative musician and personal development coach who believes in the power of music and its ability to induce progressive positive transformation in an individual. Although her parents wanted her to study accounting so she can work in the bank. In a world where sax is the trend, the courageous Ebele has inspired many to see the flute as a worthy instrument of performing and training even in rural communities.

Ebele spent a good part of her youthfulness building a career for herself. Her first professional outing was with the sax icon, Mike Aremu. That’s how much of a perfectionist Ebele is – it has to be all or nothing; and she tells you: ‘I give my all in whatever I do, even with the company I worked for.”

Ebele Ezeamakam Biography

My name is Ebele Ezeamakam. I’m from Anambra State and the second child in a family of six. I would describe myself as a very reserved person, growing up. But I did interact with people I knew. As an adult, I like to see myself as extroverted but with purpose.

I’m a very determined person. There is nothing I set my heart to do that I don’t achieve – that’s how purpose driven I am.

I grew up in Benin, Edo State and I went to school in Enugu. I got a BSc in Accounting and later, Master’s in Business Administration.

I started music as early as 15 years old. I started from my church and I also played for some Philippines who came to our place at that time. The flute has always been part of me, starting from my secondary school days where I played in different churches, choir concerts all around the nation.

It has been easy. Just like I said, I grew up in Benin City where the industry is still growing. But coming to Lagos years back, I ventured into the business professionally and that was when I realised I should not just make it a hobby by going round the churches to play my flute.

Ebele the Flutist, Ebele Ezeamakam
Ebele the Flutist, Ebele Ezeamakam

Passion and Not Hobby
I now took it as my passion and not hobby, so I have made my hobby become my passion because I took it more serious. But doing it professionally has not been easy because I never studied music either as my first or second degree.

Since I came to Lagos, I have been working as an accountant, but along the line when I discovered I could really make it with my passion for flute, I decided not to work as a full time staff in any establishment so that I can do more of my music which, was not so easy because of financial challenges here and there, because I had to leave my job at some point.

Flute Instrument
Flute is just like any other kind of instrument and every other kind of instrument takes time, determination and you need to have a personal one to be able to learn. The only difference is just that a flute is a unique and dynamic instrument because it is not so common and it’s versatile.

Who Want to Be Flutists
So, I will tell people who want to be flutists to get a personal one and you have to be determined and be ready to learn. For me, it was not funny because when I was in secondary school, I used to leave my lectures and extra-mural lessons to go for flute training and my dad did not take it lightly with me because he knew it was going to affect my studies.

It took a lot of my time because I was determined to learn it, but that has really helped me because I play it just like the way I do any other thing.

My Songs
I have also produced three singles, Jawa Chineke, If You Don’t Know and Oghama and I have the three videos, so that has given one a lot of headway because my songs have been viral on TV and radio stations and I have been invited to a lot of shows.

I have played live at different occasions which has made my fans believe that I’m truly talented because my music is the one that everybody likes and wants to listen to because of the skills and dynamism involved in it.

People enjoy my song and the flute because of its originality, which is really a selling point for me. Although, it’s gospel in nature, it is very unique. How easy or difficult is it to interpret a song into an instrument like flute?

Just like I said, a flute is like any other musical instrument, but just because I’m a musician, I have to create something that is different from every other kind of idea you have in the industry.

In one of my singles, Jawa Chineke, I featured Mike Aremu, a well known saxophonist in the video of the song because I always admire him. I used to tell him that I want to play my flute the way he plays his sax and it has really helped me.

So, I’m not really under any form of challenge because I’m not just good in flute, I’m very, very good in it. I improvise with the flute a lot and it has really helped my career.

Ebele the Flutist, Ebele Ezeamakam
Ebele the Flutist, Ebele Ezeamakam

Real Music Comes From Inspiration
So, being someone who can sing very well through God’s inspiration, I find it easy to interpret because I compose my songs myself. I could remember I was sweeping my sitting room, when the inspiration to write my second track, If You Don’t Know came.

I quickly put it down, and I found time to go into the studio and that was how I got a track of that nature.

Real music comes from inspiration which you are able to create something out of, but you must at least know the basic rudiments of music like the notes and all that.

So, if you have all these and the inspiration of God, you will be able to play any instrument.

First Female Flutist
It has helped me to fulfil my God’s gift because He was the one that gave me the gift. It has also helped me to influence other people, especially the young ones who wish to step into my shoes and haven’t discovered the God’s given gift in them.

When people see me, they are challenged because being the first female flutist in Nigeria is a very good source of encouragement to influence people around me.

Multipurpose Person
I’m a multipurpose person. I’m coming out with my brand name, Ebele The Flutist so as to give me the desired brand to start a talk show so as to influence the lives of the young ones. I’m also a beautician, I’m into fitness, beauty parks and routines and other stuff.

I can sing and play flute very well on stage. A lot of artists sing, while some just plays the instruments. Even Mike Aremu that is my role model just plays only the sax, but for me, I do both. I sing very well; very, very well.

If you hear me singing, you will prefer me singing and if you hear me playing the flute, you will prefer me just playing it on and on and when I do both, it becomes so unique and it gives me the edge over others.

I see myself being a mega star who a lot of people would want to emulate, learn from and I would be willing to mentor them so as to bring other talents just like me out of our generation.

Ebele Ezeamakam life philosophy

“All things are possible to him that believes”. When you believe you can make it, with determination and being focused, you definitely will make it. Nothing can stop a determined person.

Ebele Ezeamakam Last Words

Ebele the Flutist is a musician promoting her own brand. I have students I teach music and how to play the flute, and also a band that I run. But I recently unveiled Ebele’s World, which I’m delving into.

And it is about health and fitness training, and talk show, and beauty and style. What brings about the talk show is that I am practically a motivating person with so much experience that I want to share with others. I see myself as a talk show host who wants to influence people positively.

I am an entertainer. I have been at women’s programmes that when I perform, women become so excited – you know the kind of thing you see when men perform. At the end of a particular show, a certain woman came to me and poured her heart out.

Ebele the Flutist, Ebele Ezeamakam
Ebele the Flutist, Ebele Ezeamakam

It wasn’t actually about a Jesus song I did, but I inspired. I’m a multipurpose and multitasking person. With my talk show, I intend to bring the best out of people. I’m a socialite.

I have a lot of things in my head. So, you can imagine spending time on idle talks, it wouldn’t make sense. So, you can see there’s just no time for idle moments.